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(Original Air Date: 09/13/12) At 22, Jael was an aspiring star and finalist on the hit show America’s Next Top Model. A statuesque beauty, her future seemed prime with possibility -- until the darkness of substance abuse and addiction stole her from the spotlight. Now 28, the former model's family says her drug habit has taken a toll both mentally and physically, including rotting her teeth and leaving her body covered in sores, and they fear for her life. With Jael living on the streets, Dr. Phil sends mother-son intervention team Brandon and Debbie to Jael’s hometown to find her and stage an intervention -- but their trip does not go as planned. Find out what they discover. Desperate to get Jael the help she needs, Brandon finally locates her, and what follows is the most out-of-control drug rage in Dr. Phil history. Reluctantly, Jael agrees to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil, but just seconds before appearing onstage, she takes off running. Don’t miss the unlikely place Dr. Phil goes to help her. Can he convince her to stop running and commit to getting well? Plus, Dr. Phil has some tough truths for Jael’s parents. Could they be enabling their daughter’s behavior?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kathyhbryant on Sep 13, 2012, 8:42PM
Dr. Phil, I watch your show all the time and never have I been touched by a show like I was today.  I've always known that you care about your guests, but I have never seen you demonstrate the genuine love and compassion that you have to get people in need help as I did today.  I thank God for you because He has blessed you with a special gift and you use it to it's maximum.  Thank you for loving Jael, especially when she was so unlovable.  You were able to reach into the depths of her being and touch something that so desperately needed touching.  I pray, that through the grace of God, she will get the help that she so richly deserves.
Replied By: kimhcreations on Sep 13, 2012, 8:21PM - In reply to luvlyfe7
Does it matter that much what qualifications Brandon & his mother have in interventions? To know anything about addiction, is to know that life experiences far outweigh any formal training. Don't know if you caught that part of, but Brandon is recovered & was the first addiction story the Dr. Phil show in their first year. Now, evidently he & his mother have started their own organization where they do interventions. Regardless of all that, recovering addicts & their families make the best interventionist's or addiction counselors because they've lived it. And, even tho, I don't have statistic's or numbers (as I once did  to back up this claim but most people who work within the recovery field have experiencered it at some point in their lives. Most training for this field is fairly easy to get, not like a 4 year college program either. I should know, I've gone to college to receive that same training!!!
Replied By: vgarrigus on Sep 13, 2012, 7:17PM
I watch Dr. Phil when ever I can but today I couldn't pull myself away from the program.  You see......six months ago I lost my 36 yr. old daughter to drug addition.  I spent the entire hour crying and saying "please take the help, please fight for yourself and your family" and in the end she said yes, I'll go.  For my family it is too late...she is gone and we carry the pain and the questions.....could we have done more..... what if.....and why didn't she know we loved her...why wasn't it enough.  I understand adiction, I understand she was sick and I understood her battle and her pain. 
I pray Jael finds her way to new freedom within herself and is set free from her addiction and becomes the person she wanted to be several years ago.  I thank you Dr. Phil for what you do for other families, there are so many families fighting the destruction of drug addiction.
Replied By: dpw97702 on Sep 13, 2012, 6:11PM
I am a retired Grandma and I watch ANTM all the time...even all the reruns!  I absolutely love Jael - she was one of the sweetest, quirkiest girls ever on the show and I was so sorry to see her eliminated.  Anyway, I too have family members who have fought addiction, and with God's help and the help of the wonderful rehabilitation staff, you will make it!  You are much too young to suffer this way!   My prayers and best wishes are with you, Jael.
Replied By: luvlyfe7 on Sep 13, 2012, 4:49PM
Jael was so pretty when she was on Top Model, I am so happy that Dr. Phil is helping her (well trying too) I'm just now starting to watch this episode at this very moment and this is the most moving show that I have seen in a long time on any talk show. God is good Jael and I cannot wait to see you after you receive the help.

I am not trying to minimize Brandon or his mother's help but I would like to know if they have gone to school or had any training in helping others in these scary situations because the mother and son said Jael was the worse case they have ever seen. I understand that Brandon was an addict as well but what makes them so qualified to allow them to be apart of interventions such as these?
Replied By: fawnhere on Sep 13, 2012, 4:32PM
As someone who used meth for 18 years and found a new life in recovery, I know that it is possible. Jael's story is heartbreaking and I feel her pain. I want to tell her to give recovery a chance because even though change is scary and hard, it is SO worth it. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step....I hope you take that step Jael. Take care...fawn
Replied By: gerric on Sep 13, 2012, 3:52PM
I hope Jael gets the help she needs and I would love to see her pay it forward like Brandon is doing.  On America's Next Top Model I could see how upset she was at her friend's death from drugs, but I didn't know all the other things she went through in her life to get her where she is today.  She needs and deserves this second chance at life and I hope she takes it.
Replied By: patricia829 on Sep 13, 2012, 3:41PM
I can not say enough how moved I am by all the help you give to those suffering from drug addiction. Gosh I remember watching your show way back when Brandon was struggling with his own addiction. I still remember him sitting at the kitchen table slamming his fists on the table telling his mother he is a drug addict. I so admire Brandon for his recovery and all that he and his mother are doing now to help those with their addiction. So much admire Brandon.  Thank you Dr Phil, Brandon, and Debbie for all that you do. Everytime I watch a show where an intervention is done and the addict chooses to go to treatment, it brings tears to my eyes. All 3 of you are true blessings!!!  Thank you for all you do!!


Replied By: sherryde on Sep 13, 2012, 3:14PM
I have never felt compelled to post a comment on any talk show until now. Attached is a photo of my former boyfriend who died on August 25, 2010 from alcoholism and drug overdose. He was 46 yrs old. He was a very good looking man and Brandon in todays intervention reminded me of him so much. Such a waste of a life! I hope Brandon will stick with his program and not continue as Will did until it kills him!

Replied By: trishsterling on Sep 13, 2012, 3:02PM
My identical twin sister died of a drug overdose almost 1 year ago (Sept 24th) just after our 42nd b-day (Sept 19th). I found her face down in the bathroom and have been twinless since. She had been struggling with drug addiction for many years and finally it overtook her life, leading to her death.  I will be going home next week to give her a proper burial (its taken this long, seems like yesterday). I guess I am telling you this because I want to see you succceed in LIVING, again

   I can't help but see your story, cry, cry and remember the torment that Pamela went through over the years. I can see the same torment you are going through right now.  I could tell you such stories that I am positive you can relate too. You are NOT alone......You have such a great support system, Jael and please know that people DO care and YOU can achieve great success. Please don't be another  statistic...I am not religous but do pray and I will pray for you 

 Please keep yourself with us - this too shall pass and you can have a beautiful life again. I will keep this short, I just was very compelled to reach out to you and thanks to Dr Phil, truly amazing person

My heart goes out to you and your family with complete support and send big hugs !  

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